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Fabulous Penguins
This little and lovely created website presents the relevant penguin facts in short texts. To get more information, this page is linked to another website by Seaworld Park and Entertainment (
This website by Mike Bingham gives information for example about all penguin species and threats to penguins.

Penguins in New Zealand
This website offers information about the penguin species of New Zealand. Among Webcams, information about threats and conservation there are also places described at which you can see penguins in the wild.

Penguin Science
This website informs about current and finished projects of Adelie Penguins by different scientists to understand penguin response to climate and ecosystem changes. There is also educational material about Adelie Penguins available or links to webcams in Antarctic regions.

Very extensive website with many facts about penguins which reach from information about all species to general information like social structure, communication and relationship between penguins and humans.

Penguin World
Website by Professor Lloyd Spencer Davis which is focused on information about all penguin species. There are also a few feature articles available which are published in different magazines.
A website in English and Dutch with widespread information about penguins - from anatomy to movement or other behavioral patterns.
This is the website of the International Penguin Conservation Work Group (IPCWG). To support penguin research and conservation by this working group you can adopt a penguin. Further information you can find here:

Wikipedia - Penguins
The Wikipedia entry about penguins

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