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Hello, my name is Katrin and I am from Germany. In November 2016, I got the degree master of science in "Animal Biology and Biomedical Sciences" at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover. Before, I finished my bachelor of science in biology at Leibniz University in Hannover. Now I am working at FWU Institute in Grünwald, Munich and create multimedia for scientific subjects.
For the 26 years of my life I have been an big penguin fan and I take them to my heart. I got a plush penguin as a gift at my birth so my affection to penguins was predestinated. Over the years I got a lot of penguin-presents like posters, plush toys, books, figures, lamps and many other things which are concerned with penguins. Here are some impressions of my little penguin collection:

Pinguin Pinguin

On the one hand I like penguins because of their odness: They waddle funnily and they are very clumsy - they sometimes behave similar to me! :)
On the other hand I got to know over the years that they are very fascinating birds. I read, heard or saw many scientific facts about them. Some species are living at Antarctica and are freezing while other species are living at equatorial habitats and they have to bear up against the hot sun. But they do not mind - they are adapted to extreme environmental conditions. Furthermore, their waddling is very energy-saving, their body is formed in a way so that the flow resistance in water is very low. Hence, scientists in bionics studied this phenomenon and shaped for instance airplanes like a penguin's body. But that are only a few fascinating examples...

Unfortunately, penguins are theatened. Climate changes, fisheries, pollution and even humans give penguins a hard time, although they are great survivalists. Therefore, I hope that there will be a stronger conservation and more aid organisations in the future - because a life without penguins is a poor life!

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