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Volunteering at SANCCOB





  • Cleaning of buckets, cups and cutleries
  • Cleaning of syringers for food or water
  • Preparing formula (fish mash)
  • Laundry
  • in the evening: scrubbing and mopping the floor
  • Cleaning of bathroom, toilets and kitchen

Mats and Crates


Cleaning of material used in pens:

  • mats and carpets
  • crates
  • dividers

Pen 1, Pen 10 and Aviary


These cages are mostly inhabited by Kelp Gulls, Cormorants or Hartlaub's Gulls.

  • Change the dirty mats, clean floor and pool
  • Preparing food and feeding of the birds

Chick Nursery


Here older chicks are placed. As a volunteer you haven't contact to them, you only have to assist a person there.

  • Write down the weight of the chicks and tell the person which medication each chick needs
  • After the chicks are put outside: take mats and dividers out and clean the floor
  • To avoid infections of the chicks: the whole room has to be cleaned every day (floor, walls, ceiling)
  • Preparing formula
  • Late afternoon: Cleaning the outside pen after the chicks are put inside again

Pen 2 und Pen 3


In this pens the penguins reside and volunteers have to do the following tasks:

  • take care about the African Penguins: feeding, tubing, giving medication
  • let the penguins swim in the pool
  • cleaning of the pens

Feeding of African Penguins:

Pinguin Pinguin


Pinguin Pinguin

Other tasks

There are also small tasks like sweeping leaves, dusting, raking in home pen, scrubbing passages etc.